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Juana is making a step towards making her dream a reality!

Juana Erika Chox Tzep
Dear Bryna, Catherine, Haywood, and Jamie,

Juana is the son of Pascual and Rosalia and was born on February 28th, 2003.  She is currently eight years old and attends a primary school in the village of Xexac in the southwest region of Guatemala. 

Juana has a very large dream of becoming an elementary school teacher when she grows up.  Her father immigrated to the United States because of the families strong interest in providing an education for their kids.  Juana’s father earns about $200 US dollars a month.  Juana’s mother takes care of the house and does not have a job that brings the family any monthly income.

In order to arrive at the Roots and Wings Educational Center, Juana has to walk thirty minutes by foot to her computer literacy training class.  Juana is very excited about her class, as she believes she will need to know how to use computers in her future career.  Thank you all so much for helping support Juana in making a step towards making her dream a reality!


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